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Digital Twist.

I found the beginnings of this photograph on a building site near to my home, it had been raining heavily all day, I think it was in March and it was bitterly cold. I had been stuck in front of my computer screens all morning not getting anywhere with anything I tried to complete or start, so I decided to take myself off for a walk. All wrapped up against the elements, camera tucked under my Sprayway waterproof jacket that has seen better times, I set off to follow the river which is 300 yards from my house down a lane and across a large flood plane and past a lagoon (that used to house Wakefield sailing club but now is derelict and home to outdoor drinking enthusiasts)

That was the plan anyway but I reached the tunnel of a railway bridge at the end of the lane and it was flooded with no way through, so I ended up cutting across a small building site where I happened to spy some builders plastic sheeting with a small puddle and rain drops scattered all over it. I don't really know why it took my fancy but just as I clicked the shutter, a beam of sunlight hit the surface of the plastic from nowhere, creating a thin line of pure energy.