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calder mills image
hepworth stone image
wood street image

Calder Mills

Hepworth Stones
Wood Street
seacadets image
clock tower image
early morning wakefield image


Clock Tower at midnight
Early morning Westgate
view over running track
old mill image
sandal castle image

View over running track

Old Calder Mill
Sandal Castle
boat house image
couple on the dam
newmiller dam in orange image

Boat House

Couple on the Dam
Newmiller Dam in Orange
horbury early morn
nostel from the front
nostel priory in sepia

Horbury early Morn

Nostel Priory from the front
Nostel Priory in Sepia
nostel from the lake
blast in the park thumbnail
costa coffe thumbnail

Nostel Priory from the lake

Blaast in the Park
Costa Coffee
9_02_am thumbnail
bond terrace thumbnail
saint andrews church thumbnail
Bond Terrace
Saint Andrews
saint marys thumbnail
queen street thumb nail
Saint Mary's
Queen Street
Richards work
clock tower thumbnail
clock tower over chimneys thumbnail
Clock Tower
Clock Tower over Chimneys
Clock Tower down Alley
calder feflections thumbnail
lamp post thumbnail
ministry of truth thumbnail
Calder Reflections
Lamp Post
Ministry of Truth
cathedral heads thumbnail
Cathedral Heads

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