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This is the first Poetry book I have let venture into the public realm, it is available to purchase and download in a quality PDF ebook format, a real physical touchy-feely book is on the Way and should be available soon.

You can read and view sections of this book by clicking on the Enter button below to start the slide show. Another book is on the horizon, but at the moment it is on scraps of paper and in my skull.

A Certain Melancholy - verse and pictures by evianstreet.


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All of the pictures in this collection have been sold, are for sale or on display in one form or another. The poetry however has never ventured into sight until now. It has always been for “me and mine”. A kind of therapy to help get me through my dark times.

As I look back on my life, I realise that I have probably suffered from depression in one form or another for most of my adult life. Outwardly not showing any symptoms, but inwardly a sadness dwells and lives with me. This is not always a bad thing, most of the time it can bring inspiration to my work and not until recently have I understood why there seems to be a bleakness and raw power that runs as a theme through much of my photography. I attribute this to my friend and enemy...

Mr Melancholy.

I could not explain these feelings I had to anyone, even myself, so I opened a note book,and when the first of the verses started to appear they just flowed from my pen like music from the radio, not knowing what was coming next but understanding every word. I hope you can take something from these pages, maybe you feel the same or you understand and can share the experience. Its OK to feel blue now and then.

I have been taking photographs all of my life, but it was not until I turned forty that I bit the bullet and decided to make it my career. The words and pictures have no real relationship to each other, I just paired them up as I saw fit. The poems do not have titles so I use the first line to name them, the photographs however do have names and they all mean something to me, but please find your own interpretations, open your mind and use what ever manifests.

It could be the start of a beautiful melancholy friendship.


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