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The evian effect

Below is a collection of photographic commissions, photo shoots of premises in and around Yorkshire.

I know what you might be thinking after visiting this gallery, he's got it made, getting paid to take pictures of PUBS! It's a hard job and somone's got to do it, and I must admit to enjoying, and taking a great interest in our local hostelries and watering holes, they are interwoven into the very fabric of our communities.

Other commercial buildings have been added to offer a glimpse of the kind of effects and interpretations I can bring to a subject.

If you would like to see your premises, home, or special place have the evian effect, please do not hesitate to contact me for a FREE no obligation, no hassle photo shoot. All that we ask is that you view the final print and consider what we have to offer. If it's not for you, no problem, we all have different tastes, that's why we are who we are.

Send a few details, including - your name, email, contact number, and the location you want photographing, and I will do the rest.

email - support@evianstreetgalleries.com

evianstreet sinature


Click on an image for full size view.

black rock fine art photograph new union negative fine art photograph new union huddersfield fine art photograph
Black Rock-Wakefield
New Union (neg)- Huddersfield
New Union - Huddersfield
elliotts bar fine art photograph
henry boons fine art photograph
horbury club fine art photograph
Henry Boons-Wakefield
Horbury WMC
queens arm
the new union Wakfield fine art photograph
new union wakefield fin art photograph
Queens Arms-Wakefield
New Union 1- Wakefield
New Union - Wakefield

the rainbow public house fine art photograph
The Rainbow-Wakefield
the three acres fine art photograph
black bull haworth fine art photograph
blacksmiths arms fine art photograph
3 Acres-Huddersfield
Black Bull-Haworth
Blacksmiths Arms-Wakefield
The British Oak-Rothwell
The Bulls Head-Wakefield
Clarks Brewery-Wakefield
elephant and castle fine art photograph
escobar fine art photograph
fox and hounds fine art photograph
Elephant and Castle-Wakefield
Fox and Hounds-Wakefield
Red bat fine art photograph
priory fine art photograph
horse and jockeyfine art photograph
The Priory-Wakefield
Horse and Jockey-Wakefield
the ship inn fine art photograph
The castle fine art photograph
the college fine art photograph
The Ship Inn-Wakefield
The Castle-Wakefield
The College-Wakefield
the waterloo fine art photograph
the white lion fine art photograph
white swann fine art photograph
The Waterloo-Wakefield
Old White Lion-Haworth
White Swan - Middlestown
White Swan fine art photograph
White Swan - Rothwell
GM Wilsons-Wakefield

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