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A magical, wonderful outcrop of rocks in North Yorkshire, although early morning when there is not a soul about and the wind and snow are full throttle into your face, it can seem slightly sinister, with every shape and noise morphing into whatever your imagination can create.

320 million years ago, a huge river washed down grit and sand from granite mountains in northern Scotland and Norway. A delta formed, covering half of Yorkshire. Increasing layers of grit and sand, along with rock crystals of feldspar and quartz, built up to form the tough sandstone known as Millstone Grit, the exposed sections of which can be seen today at Brimham Rocks.

Brimham Rocks is located 4 miles east of Pateley Bridge of the B6265, 10 miles north west of Harrogate on the B6165, and 10 miles south east of Ripon.

brimham rocks 1 image
brimham rocks 2 image
brimham rocks 3 image

Brimham Rocks 1

Brimham Rocks 2
Brimham Rocks 3
brimham rocks 4 image
brimham rocks 5 image
brimham rocks6 image art
Brimham Rocks 4
Brimham Rocks 5
Brimham Rocks 6
brimham rocks 7 image art fine photograph
brimham rocks 8 image photograph fine art
trees at brimham image
Brimham Rocks 7
Brimham Rocks 8
Brimham Tree

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