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Vital Statistics

Name - evianstreet

Real Name - Steve Robson

Date of Birth - 17.03.1964

Place of Birth - Sunderland

Sex - Male

Height - 6'2

Weight - 16 stone (20.10.08)

Eyes - Blue

Hair - Brownish


The Journey so Far

Moved from Sunderland to Derby when I was 10.

Moved from Derby to Wakefield when I was 12.

Left school at 16 to join the Gas board (pipefitting).

Finished apprenticeship at 20.

Bought Olympus OM10 with manual adapter at 22.

Married at 26.

Left Gas board at 27.

Went to work for my Father selling cars at his garage.

Divorced at 28

Took over garage from my Father at 28.

First child at 29 (Sophie)

Married at 30

Second Child at 31 (Emma)

Sold the Garage at 32.

Went back into Engineering.

Started Pipe Work Specialists Engineering company with best friend at 35.

Divorced at 36.

Met Pam at 36.

Had big Midlife crisis at 40.

Left PWS to concentrate on my art and property development at 46.

Nuff said.



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