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style to chew reservoir

Style to Chew Reservoir.

The path from the Pennie way to Chew Reservoir is not to be taken lightly and after heavy rainfall not at all, you just won't be able to get through. On the day we went it hadn't rained all week, but we still struggled to get through, the path had turned into a large stream with either side becoming a peaty mush that would devour a leg. Halfway along the path we came across this fence with a style and a chute for letting sheep (and dogs) through, the sky over head looked huge and not far over the horizon is Manchester. The sky was also full of vapour trails or sky trails as I call them, some people call them chem. trails and think the government are spraying us with all kinds of drugs and vaccines, some are convinced mind controlling substances are even used. You do have to mind your head though as the airplanes do come pretty low as they approach Manchester Airport.