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Night Flight.
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The book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull has been by my side for quite a while, since my Father introduced him to me as a teenager. At first it was just a story, a kind of fairytale, but he always told me I would find my own messages when the time was right. As time unfolded the story took on many different meanings, "practice, practice, practice" "never give up" "be true to yourself" "nothing is impossible" and so on. Sometimes I have been by Jonathan's side, sometimes I have tumbled into the sea, but the one thing I take from him now is that "you are what you think you are, no more no less. Jonathan moves in all dimensions because he thinks he can, no more no less. He also has the ability to love unconditionally, something I have found hard to follow and only understood its true meaning when my children came along.

Here Jonathan is moving at the speed of thought, to anywhere he can think of. With him are his trainees's.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is by Richard Bach.


Trail of trail beneath the sail,
Keeping ahead of all time greats,
Choosing not the easiest escape,
Or living by numbers in the deep,
But nosing ahead at 95%,
Looking down on all around,
Helping those who speak your ego,
Whilst trashing all negative chat,
Of course we can climb the steeple,
Like minded spirits within the people,
Set free on stilts only the tallest,
Pouring over strategies of new minds,
Transmuting and reducing all our fears,
Not ending our longing for adventure,
And yes disappear, only at the knowing.

By evianstreet - 2006