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Shutter Points in Time

WOW! you made it, thanks for visiting my little home in cyber space. Please take as long as it may take, and as long as your interest allows, to see an artist who lives and breathes his own way. I hope you can take some inspiration from my collection of tales and images, for they all mean something to me and mine.

I try to take photographs that are a bit left field, unusual and dynamic. Photography to me is more about ideas and imagination than mechanics and settings, its a feeling of flowing with whatever manifests, either in the field or in front of my computer screens.

Digital photography has evolved, and has changed the way I think and use a camera, it is evolution not revolution and to spurn it would be like spitting in the face of Darwin.

Some have said "you don't take happy pictures evian" and I have to admit if you want cosy sunny seaside’s and green meandering highlighted valleys you might be a tad disappointed inside. However I do not find them all sad or depressive, what I feel is vigour, vitality and the odd goose bump.


What of my other adventures in the world of artistic expression? Well, I feel that they all live together as one, be it Photography, Sculpture, Painting or Poetry. Taking me into a world of not knowing, a world where I know not what comes next. I suppose I have no organised working structure and often travel at tangent's without realising, which can make me feel alive, fresh and reborn, or move me into more dark recesses, exploring thoughts of why?, where? and what for?

Sculpture is a release of energy and spirit that has no boundaries, except of those in the cave of my skull. Sculpture that is born from the earth, fished from rivers, found in woods, bomb sites and B&Q.

My life is of wanting everything but needing nothing, I'm looking for my place in the scheme of things, whatever that maybe, perhaps I'm not meant to find out, perhaps I'm just looking for something to stop my heartache.

So what I say to you my friends, is that I'm trying to capture an essence of emotion that is raw, real, exciting and dangerous, unique and exhilarating, but most of all part of me and my melancholy love with stormy sky.












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